Q & A

Hello and welcome to Crossroads Baptist Church. We thank you for visiting our web page and hope it is informative and tells a little about who we are. Here are several questions we have been asked recently and would like to share our answers.  


This is my first visit, What now ? What can I expect ?

All are welcome here at Crossroads, to share life, worship the Lord, grow, serve our community for Christ, and be active in the church. It is our hope that each will find a church home where one’s personal relationship with the Lord can grow and where spiritual gifts can be used. We are a Christ centered church, hold tightly to scripture, teach and preach from the Bible, and love our Lord Jesus Christ. We are a growing ministry and can provide a place where one can serve, build the kingdom, and share in all that we have been blessed.

Can I just visit and explore ‘church’  ?

Yes, we want you to be our guest and experience being part of a local Christ centered church. Please feel welcome to share worship time with us and just ‘be’. If you desire to participate in some of our activities and help around the church, we welcome this as well. There is a season for all things, figuring out where and how to serve the Lord is it’s own season.  

Is membership in the church important ?

Yes, church membership is important but not to the exclusion of fellowship, worship, evangelism, discipleship, and overall ministry. The Lord desires the body of Christ to have committed members so that others know and understand that each will stand together in a shared commitment to the local church. Standing alone in the world without a church family for support makes one vulnerable to attack from Satan and the world at large. We are called to lift each other, help each other, and join together in the local church.   (1 Peter 5:8, Hebrews 10:25, 1 Thess. 5:11, 1 Cor. 12: 14-26 )

Do I have to be a member at Crossroads to serve in the church ?

There are different types of service unto the Lord. We desire each one to serve the Lord and be active in the church. We have several areas of service such as being an usher, helping serve meals, cleaning the fellowship hall, outside maintenance, garden help, and many more. We do require that those in leadership and teaching positions be members.

Is church membership the same as being saved ?

There is a misunderstanding in our midst that teaches church membership brings salvation. This teaching is not based on scripture but on men. The Bible teaches that salvation is based on faith in Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice on the cross. Our admission of our lost-ness, repentance from sin, and need for a savior to cover our perpetual sin brings us to Jesus Christ as the only one who can save us. Church membership and being part of a local body of Christ centered believers should happen after one is saved and is committed to living for the Lord. ( Acts 4:12, Romans 10:9 )

As one becomes a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, you are part of the Body of Christ and your part in this Body is secure. If you are a born-again believer, then you are a part of the Body of Christ. Scripture also tells us we are a member of the Kingdom of God. The local Christ centered church is a small segment of the larger Kingdom of God. A born-again believer has begun a lifelong and personal relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This relationship is unrelated to status or affiliation with a denomination or congregation. ( John 3:3, John 10:27-30, Matthew 4:17, Romans 14:17 )  

What does ‘membership’ mean anyway ?

Church membership has many meanings to many people, it depends on the setting. At Crossroads, we hold that membership in the church is one’s way of saying, “ I am committed to the local church and wish to serve here, grow here, and be a part of this church family”. 

Those who are called to leadership positions to include teachers, deacons, VBS leaders, trustees, treasures, church clerk, and other church positions and also desire to have a voting voice in decision making and mission fulfillment will agree to the biblical standard of church membership. Affirming a statement of fundamental beliefs, (2000 Baptist Faith and Message), active participation in the church, holding to church unity, and acknowledging the leadership structure of the church with submission are necessary parts.  ( 2 Tim 3:16, John 15:1-8, 1 Cor. 1:10, Hebrews 13:17, Acts 20:28 )